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I subscribe to way too many newsletters most of which are never opened or deleted after a quick scan. Your email is one of only a handful that I actually read every day and save for future reference. Kudos!

Ariel Felder

Digital Marketer

Every day, I look forward to the Charlie at GrowthHackingIdea email that educates or reinforces strategies or tactics that I can use for the companies of which I am a part. There is a great value from the concepts and the messaging is always simple and clear.

I highly advise you to subscribe because it has helped to have a bounce rateof less than 28%.

Carl Williams

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One of my friends told me about your newsletter. I read one of your emails and I subscribed to your newsletter immediately. I’m very happy and thankful that you started this.

I’d highly recommend your e-mail newsletter to marketers to better understand how growth hacking works.

Ashish Chauhan

Growth Marketer

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